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Community Based Programs

Norway House Education Centre offers the following community-based programming on an on-going basis:

Continuing Programs New Proposed Programs 2007-2008

Bachelor of Arts:
Year One University Advantage & Year Two

The Year One University Advantage (YOU-A) provides students with an opportunity to pursue their university education in northern Manitoba through enrolling in UCN’s Bachelor of Arts degree. First year courses will meet UCN Bachelor of Arts degree requirements, as well as being transferable to other universities in Manitoba. Students who successfully complete 30 credit hours in this program with an acceptable Grade Point Average can move on to the second year of UCN’s degree program at any site where it is offered. Currently, we are offering a Year Two Program in the community. YOU-A is offered in a community based setting, as a cohort program, meaning that students will have the advantage of working with a core instructor throughout the ten-month program and will progress through their studies as part of a group. This first year experience will provide learners with a strong base of academic skills and a foundation of knowledge in a culturally relevant context. YOU-A serves as an excellent starting point for students entering into university education.

Health Education Access Program

In 2000 a Health Education Access Program (HEAP) was established to provide students the opportunity to obtain the courses necessary for admission to health careers and nursing. The Health Education Access Program is a 10-month post-secondary program. Upon completion from the program, students will have completed 18 hours of transferable university credits, in addition to college credits, and will meet the requirements for entry into the School of Nursing.

Nursing Year One

In Partnership with Norway House Cree Nation and in collaboration with Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (MKO), the Faculty of Nursing offers Nursing, Arts, and Science courses at Norway House. The first year level courses will be taught by Elluminate (UCN) and on site by IUS instructors. Following their completion, some of the courses are transferable to the first year of the Baccalaureate Nursing (UM/UCN JBN) Programs in The Pas and Thompson. Note that applicants to a Faculty of Nursing program must meet the program entrance requirements and admission deadlines of the site of application.

Health Care Aid

The Health Care Aide program is a five-month certificate program that prepares students to function as a health care team member in institutional and community settings. Graduates of the program will be knowledgeable about the basic functional requirements of individuals and families who are experiencing commonly occurring short terms and chronic mental health, physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. The Health Care Aide program prepares individuals to assist clients with personal care and activities of daily living. Clients with acute and chronic illnesses are cared for in the community and institutional settings such as long term care facilities, hospitals and community housing facilities (e.g. Elderly Persons Housing and Group Homes).

Mature Student Program

This program is for students who have not obtained a high school diploma. It prepares students for entry into post secondary programs.

Program content: Mature Student High School graduation requirements consist of eight approved credits. Four of these credits must be at a Senior 4 level, and of those, Senior 4 Mathematics and Senior 4 English Language Arts are compulsory where applicable, provincial standards tests apply. Subject to approval, four additional credits from Senior 1 to 4 Level may be taken or transferred from previously completed courses.

The Norway House Education Centre first offered the Mature Student High School Diploma since moving into the old Norway House High School building in the Fall of 2004. Prior to this Frontier School Division used to administer the Mature Student Program (MSP). Since the inception of this program, the enrollment of students has continued to increase. This academic school 2006/07 will mark the highest number of graduates from the MSP Program, 29 graduates.

There is no tuition cost to the individual attending the Mature Student Program. Transportation, student incentives and childcare allowances are provided. To qualify for the student incentive, students are required to have a 90% attendance average.

Adult Education Program

The Adult Education Program is designed for students who wish to prepare for entry into post-secondary programs, satisfy employment–related goals, or earn a high school diploma. The Norway House Education Centre offers community members the opportunity to attend classes in an adult class environment. Students are able to obtain grade 9 & 10 credits and upon completion, can enter into the Mature Student Program. Courses offered are S1 and S2 Language Arts, S1 Social Studies, S2 Geography, S1 & S2 Mathematics and S1 & S2 Science. In addition, to these classes, Life Skills and Outdoor Education, Basic Computer Skills, CPR and First Aid are offered. Students attend classes on a full time basis.

There is no tuition cost to the individual attending the Adult Education Program. Transportation, student incentives and childcare allowances are provided. To qualify for the student incentive, students are required to have a 90% attendance average.

Continuing Programs

Administrative Assistant - Year 2

The Administrative Assistant Diploma program prepares students for entry into contemporary office type employment opportunities. Students will acquire business office skills, learn how to use and integrate a variety of computer applications, and develop their administrative, presentation and organizational skills. The program is a two-year, full-time program consisting of two consecutive terms per year. There are majors in the Administrative Assistant Program: General and Finance. Graduates of the diploma program may find employment in First Nations, government, or business offices. They will be able to work independently and give support by performing technical and administrative tasks effectively.

Mid-Wifery Year 2 Program

The Aboriginal Midwifery Education Program (AMEP) is the first university program for Aboriginal people offering a degree in midwifery. Graduating students will be able to become registered midwives in Manitoba. The AMEP is a four-year midwifery degree program and is designed specifically for Aboriginal students, particularly those living in northern Manitoba. Registered midwives today care for women and newborns; throughout pregnancy to childbirth up to baby’s first six weeks. A midwife is trained to assist a woman to give birth at home, in a hospital or in a birthing centre.

Masters of Public Administration Program (P/T)

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is offered jointly by the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba. The program combines theory and practice in a generalist framework, with significant opportunities for specialization in a range of policy areas such as health care, human resource management, social welfare, aboriginal government, and organizational change.

Recreational Leadership Program

Aboriginal and Northern communities want to have trained recreation leadership personnel to provide a leadership role in organizing, funding, supervising, and assessing recreational and community development activities. The goals and objectives of the Recreational Leadership Certificate program are: To provide the participant with the knowledge and skills required to provide assistance and support to professionals in a variety of settings involving recreation, program planning, and community development.

New Proposed Programs 2007-2008

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (Full Time)

The Three-Year Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Program provides students with a solid background in the liberal arts, allowing students to gain a broad base of knowledge as well as general skills in the areas of reading and understanding; analysis and evaluation; problem-solving; and communication skills. A three-year BA will be conferred when all requirements are met through completion of a minimum of 90 credit hours of study with a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 2.0 (C Average). The main reason that we would like the delivery of a full-time BA is to address the need for a Teacher Education Program. It is with hope that upon completion of the BA Program, UCN will be ready to deliver a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Program in the community. If UCN is unable to deliver a B.Ed. After Degree Program in the community upon completion of the BA program, students will have the option of applying into a B.ED After Degree Program at one of the institutions in Manitoba.

Carpentry / Woodworking Program

The Carpentry/Woodworking program provides students with basic carpentry knowledge and skills to gain employment in the construction field. Students will learn all phases of the woodworking and building construction trades. Carpentry Level 1 accreditation may be obtained, provided a student obtain a 70% average in the course work. The course will be 10-months in duration starting in September 2007 including work practicum in the Spring of 2008.

Heavy Equipment Operator Program

The Heavy Equipment Operator program focuses on the hands-on, skills training aspects of heavy equipment operations. It is a nine-week training program. The training includes a variety of heavy equipment and construction related trucking which includes back hoe training, bulldozer training, excavator training and front end loader training.

Application Forms

New Applicant Application Form – For those applicants that have never been sponsored either by the NHCN Education Directorate or NHCN Employment & Training.

Continuing Student Application Form – For those students that are consecutively continuing into their 2nd or more years of studies.

Returning Student Application Form – For those applicants, graduates or not, that were sponsored before by the NHCN Education and/or NCHN Employment & Training.

Spring and Summer Application Form – For those students in University that were sponsored the previous Fall and Winter are eligible to apply.