Copies of the Consultation Protocol and the Minago Project Environmental Impact Statement Review by the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources are available upon request to members only.

The Registry

The Registry is a record of all material exchanges between Manitoba and NHCN related to the Minago Project.

Documented exchanges to be included in the Registry include:

  • Correspondence
  • Summaries of Joint Consultation Group Meeting Minutes
  • Public Meeting Presentation materials / handouts
  • Other related documents relevant to the Minago Project

This Registry will be developed and maintained by the Norway House Resource Management Board and will be funded by Manitoba. Note that the maintenance of this Registry will extend beyond the 12 week Consultation process and will continue throughout the life of the Minago Project and Mine.

The Registry is subject to arrangements that ensure that the intellectual property and privacy interests of NHCN are respected and protected.

Some of the documents in the Registry will soon be available online. All documents are available for review to NHCN members at the EMA office upon request.