Copies of the Consultation Protocol and the Minago Project Environmental Impact Statement Review by the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources are available upon request to members only.

Victory Nickel

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Victory Nickel Inc

Victory Nickel Inc is the proponent of the proposed Minago Project. Incorporated in 2007, they acquired assets of three nickel properties previously owned by Nuinsco Resources Limited. In 2008, Victory Nickel Inc. purchased shares of Independent Nickel Corp and acquired the asset of another nickel mine. These four nickel properties are the Mel Project, the Lac Rocher Project, the Lynn Lake Project and the Minago Project.
Source: Victory Nickel Inc Annual Information Form as at December 31, 2010.

The Minago Project, from the perspective of Victory Nickel Inc, "is a robust deposit with substantial upside, has a tremendously valuable by-product in hydraulic fracturing ("frac") sand, has excellent infrastructure and is located in one of the world's most favourable mining districts." Victory Nickel Inc states further that the Minago nickel deposit has been assessed to be of the "world's highest grade nickel grade concentrate (up to 35% Ni)" and is considered to be "one of Canada's largest undeveloped sulphide nickel deposits". Source:

Parallel Processes: Minago Project Consultation and Manitoba's Environmental Assessment and Licensing Process

Before Victory Nickel Inc can proceed with developing the Minago Project mine they must obtain an Environment Act License. The proposal in support of obtaining this license was submitted on May 3, 2010 and included the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Parallel to Manitoba's assessment and licensing process is the NHCN / Manitoba Minago Project Consultation.

Although Victory Nickel Inc is not a party to the Consultation, they will be called upon to provide information about the Minago Project; specifically about the EIS and the potential adverse effects and accommodations. This information sharing will be facilitated by the NHCN / Manitoba Joint Consultation Group –as required for this project specific Consultation.

Manitoba must consider the results of this Consultation before making a final decision on granting an Environment Act License and thereby allowing the Project to proceed to the next stage – mine development.

Victory Nickel's Minago Project EIS is part of the Consultation Registry and is available for review upon request.