Copies of the Consultation Protocol and the Minago Project Environmental Impact Statement Review by the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources are available upon request to members only.

Consultation Team

The two parties to the Consultation are NHCN and Manitoba.

The Consultation Protocol was signed, on behalf of NHCN by Acting Chief Nick Saunders and Councillor Dennis Day and on behalf of Manitoba by Minister Dave Chomiak of Manitoba's Department of Innovation, Energy and Mines.

Joint NHCN / Manitoba Consultation Group

The Joint Consultation Group (see names below) consists of the six (6) representatives of the NHCN Consultation Team and the three (3) representatives of Manitoba. Together, the Joint Consultation Group will guide and oversee the Consultation process and will meet regularly throughout the 12 week Consultation. Public Meetings will be facilitated by the Joint Consultation Group. Two sets of written statements will be provided to Chief and Council and to Manitoba; the first are related to potential effects of the Minago Project on the Rights and Interests of NHCN and the second are related to potential accommodation measures that will address the Rights and Interests of NHCN.


The three appointed Manitoba representatives:

  • John Fox, Assistant Deputy Minister, Mineral Resources
  • Chris Beaumont-Smith, A / Manager, Mineral Policy and Development
  • Jeff Legault, Aboriginal Consultation Facilitator

NHCN Consultation Team

The six appointed NHCN members:

  • Leonard McKay, Chair
  • Eric Ross, Vice Chair
  • Chris Clarke
  • Alvin Ferland
  • Steven Robertson
  • Gordie Walker

Role of the NHCN Consultation Team

Their role is to:

  • Oversee the approach NHCN takes at Joint Consultation Group meetings
  • Oversee all NHCN public meetings, open houses, and workshops
  • Oversee all communications for the project
  • Oversee the project budget

The NHCN Consultation Team is aided by:

a) Coordination and Support Team

  • Loretta Mowatt, Lead Consultation Coordinator
  • Marcel Balfour, Consultation Coordinator
  • Bryan Hart, Consultation Coordinator
  • Henry Moore, Financial Administration
  • Moriah Davis, Communications Support
  • Margaret Maxwell, Administrative Support

The role of the Coordination and Support Team is to provide the NHCN Consultation Team with coordination assistance in implementing the agreed upon activities related to the Consultation. This includes coordination of meetings, record keeping, soliciting and engaging technical and other advisors, developing and maintaining the registry, budget monitoring and financial administration, communications to the membership such as website / Face book development and the production of newsletters, and other advisory and coordination services as needed.

b) Technical and other advisors
The nature of this mining related consultation requires engaging the services of specialized and technical advisors:

  • Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER) - Review and Assessment of Victory Nickel's Minago Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS); Land use planning
  • Mike McDonald - Legal Advisor
  • Review of Hydrology Report
  • Review of Fisheries Reports
  • Online Registry - Proposal submitted to Manitoba

c) NHCN Leadership and Staff

  • Nick Saunders, NHCN Acting Chief
  • Brian Cromarty, NHCN Councillor
  • Dennis Day, NHCN Councillor
  • Florence Duncan, NHCN Councillor
  • Darlene Osborne, NHCN Councillor
  • Clarence Paupanekis, NHCN Councillor
  • Evelyn Broadfoot, NHCN Council Elder
  • George Duncan, NHCN Council Elder
  • John Henry Sr., NHCN Council Elder
  • Frances Queskekapow, NHCN Council Elder
  • Nelson Scribe Jr., NHCN Council Elder
  • Isabelle Towers-North, NHCN Council Elder
  • Wayne Anderson, Co-Chair, Resource Management Board & Special Projects Officer
  • Myrna Gamblin, Acting Chief's Assistant

The role of NHCN Leadership and Staff is to consider the recommendations of the NHCN Consultation Team related to potential effects on the Rights and Interests of NHCN and potential accommodation measures, to provide Council's recommendations, to review the Consultation Report from Manitoba, and to work with the NHCN Membership and Consultation Team in developing a position and response to the Consultation Report.

The Consultation Report is due to be presented to the NHCN membership during June 2011 – date TBA when confirmed. This Consultation does not end with the Consultation Report or NHCN's response to it. Consultation will continue for the duration of the Minago Mine Project, if approved by Manitoba.

Once this initial Consultation process is complete, NHCN Chief and Council will lead in developing an on-going Consultation process, as required.

d) NHCN Membership
They will play a key role in ensuring that the Minago Project Consultation is fully inclusive. The NHCN membership is strongly encouraged to attend the Public Meetings however there are other ways to participate. Please visit 'How Can I Participate' for more information.