Copies of the Consultation Protocol and the Minago Project Environmental Impact Statement Review by the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources are available upon request to members only.

Rights Assertion & Manitoba's Duty To Consult

Why the need for this formal Consultation process?

There have been a number of activities that have taken place in NHCN Territory that have not involved a formal consultation process with the Crown (Canada / Manitoba).

Key to this process is the requirement for both NHCN and Manitoba to ensure the protection of NHCN Treaty and Aboriginal Rights related to the potential effects of the Minago Project on these Rights and, as necessary, to negotiate reasonable accommodations for these effects.

The Minago Project Consultation Protocol was signed by NHCN and Manitoba on March 25, 2011. There is, however, a much longer history of NHCN's attempts to both negotiate an impact benefit agreement to share resources with Victory Nickel Inc. and to protect our Treaty and Aboriginal Rights in a consultation process.

Brief Overview of Events Leading to this Consultation

In 2007, Victory Nickel Inc. initiated the first discussions with NHCN related to the Minago Project and introductory information was shared with the NHCN membership.

Following these first meetings, NHCN began to seek meaningful consultation with Canada and Manitoba.

In 2008, NHCN suspended further negotiations with Victory Nickel Inc. without the presence of the Crown due to a perceived lack of fair communication and, in particular, that Victory Nickel Inc. had been in negotiations with three other First Nations without NHCN knowledge or involvement.

Since then, NHCN has been working with Manitoba to negotiate a consultation process resulting in the signing of the Minago Project Consultation Protocol.

For more information on the events and timelines leading up to the Minago Project Consultation, go to the 'When' page and the "Media Centre' to review newsletters and media releases.

Consultation Outcomes

This Consultation, once completed, will result in one of two possibilities:

1. The Minago Project will be approved by Manitoba – and Victory Nickel Inc. will implement the plan for the mine. In order for accommodation for the impact on NHCN Rights, participation in the consultation process is necessary. NHCN will seek to negotiate an Impact Benefit Agreement with Victory Nickel Inc. Manitoba and NHCN will continue to monitor effects and environmental considerations throughout the life of the Minago Project mine..

2. The Minago Project, as proposed will not be approved by Manitoba – not only based on the results of this Consultation but also on the Crown's application of environmental protection legislation and their assessment of Victory Nickel's Minago Project Environmental Impact Statement and other information available to them.

Note that project proponents, like Victory Nickel Inc., have the option to withdraw if they assess that they can not meet the requirements for obtaining an Environment Act License and / or accommodate First Nation concerns related to the protection of their Rights through a consultation process.

Victory Nickel's Minago Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is part of the Consultation Registry and available for review upon request.