Vincent Apetagon Memorial Coed Slo-Pitch Tournament

Rules found in the Softball Canada shall apply including the following:

  1. Tournament entry fee will be $350.00 per team payable to "Treaty & York Boat Days". Entry fee deadline is August 3 @ 4:30pm. The deadline will be enforced as it is not the responsibility of the tournament Coordinator to look for entry fees from teams. Team roster will consist of 15 players and must be listed on your first game sheet.
  2. All games shall be 6 innings long with a twelve run mercy-rule after 4 innings. If the score is tied after six innings, extra innings (if still tied after 8 innings international will come into effect).
  3. All games must start at the designated time. Teams failing to start with 6 men and 4 women will be given fifteen minutes grace time to find their players. After the grace time is up the game will be called at the umpire's discretion.
  4. NO intoxicated player(s) on the bench or field, the team captain will be responsible for removing the player. Team captain/.coaches are responsible for their ream bench and failure to comply will result in a forfeit of the game. The umpire will have the final decision whether to remover a player for the safety of the game.
  5. Disputing any judgment calls shall result in a warning to the offending team. Repeat offenses result in ejection of the player or team representative. This rule does not take a team's right to bring to an umpire's attention, information which may result in the umpire seeking advice for his partner or changing his call (e.g. Dropped ball or missed base)
  6. There will be three outs per inning, NO last batter.
  7. Strike zone will be the highest shoulder to the knee. Ball hitting home plate will be called a ball.
  8. If a male batter is walked on four consecutive balls, then he shall be awarded second base, however, the female batter must take her turn at the plate.
  9. Team uniforms are recommended but not necessary.
  10. Any coach or player suspended by his league or his provincial body will not be eligible to play in the tournament.
  11. Player(s) under the age of 18 years old must have a waiver form completed before playing in the tournament.
  12. In the event of a protest, a protect fee of $500.00(non-refundable), and a written report prior to the next game must be submitted to the tournament coordinator.