Norway House is one of the largest First Nation communities in Manitoba and has a rich history.

It is situated on the confluence of the Nelson River and Lake Winnipeg, 456 kilometers north of Winnipeg, Manitoba; approximately 800 kilometers by road. The population consists of 6,918 Band members and approximately 600 community members living in the adjacent off-reserve community.

Norway House played a fundamental role in establishing the economic foundation of Manitoba & Canada during the fur trade era. It first emerged as a significant post in 1821 when the Hudson's Bay Company and the Northwest Company merged and established a fur-trading post near the outlet of Lake Winnipeg in 1814. The Norway House post was named after Norwegian labourers who build the post in recognition for their exceptional building skills.

Rock Paintings On the way to Molson Lake

Norway House, an historical centre for trade

The Norway House HBC post

Church Point during Treat & York Boat Days

Economic and Community Development

Today, Norway House Cree Nation is recognized as a progressive community and boasts a large number of amenities, including a hospital, personal care home, state-of-the-art educational facility, post-secondary facility, public work facilities and business establishments.

The leadership believes in self-reliance and sustainability through economic development. Various economic ventures have been undertaken by Norway House Cree Nation, such as the Pharmacy, Dental Clinic, bus transportation, Cellular & Communications System, York Boat Inn / Diner, Kistapinanihk Shopping Mall, Kinosao Sipi Multiplex Recreation Centre, Entertainment Centre, Broadband and Funeral Home.

The Kistapinanihk Shopping Mall

Kinosao Sipi Multiplex Recreation Centre

Emphasis on education

Norway House Cree Nation recognizes that education is the key component for a self-sustaining community. As well, a solid education impacts every aspect of an individual’s life and is very important for securing a better future for the youth and for generations yet unborn. By emphasizing and providing quality education, the Vision of Norway House Cree Nation to grow strong economic, community and personal foundations and resources for its members will be assured.

The way to the future: Entrance to the Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre
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