Keenanow Trust Secretariat

Background Negotiations

On December 16, 1977, the northern flood agreement (NFA) was signed. On March 15, 1978 it was approved by the members of Norway House Cree Nation.

During 1989 and 1990, Canada, Manitoba, Hydro and the Northern Flood Committee (NFC) on behalf of all five NFA Bands undertook global negotiations on how to carry out the promises of the NFA. This process resulted in a document called the “Proposed Basis of Settlement of Outstanding Claims and Obligations” of July 1990. In late August 1990, Norway House Cree Nation suspended the global negotiations.

Master Implementation
Agreement Negotiations

In April 1994, the newly-elected Council of Norway House Cree Nation began discussions with Canada, Manitoba and Hydro to carry out the promises of the NFA for the benefit of Norway House Cree Nation.

On October 13, 1994, Norway House Cree Nation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Manitoba and Hydro which was endorsed by Canada. This MOU set out the process to be followed in the negotiation of an agreement to Implement the NFA  for Norway House Cree Nation.

Over the next two months, Norway House Cree Nation, Canada, Manitoba and Hydro undertook negotiations to detail the main points of an agreement in principle (AIP).

On December 15, 1994 Norway House Cree Nation signed the AIP with Canada, Manitoba and Hydro. The AIP set out6 the frameworks for negotiating the Master Implementation Agreement (MIA).

Object of the Master
Implementation Agreement

The MIA is being is being negotiated by Norway House Cree Nation in order to get the benefits promised in the NFA for Norway House Cree Nation Members. Under the MIA the benefits will be obtained now in one package rather than trying to get the benefits, piece by piece on the claim-by-claim basis set up under NFA Arbitration which could take many years.

In general, the MIA:

  • fulfils the NFA obligations and promises of the other parties to Norway House Cree Nation, except where an obligation is specifically excluded.
  • Settles all outstanding NFA claims of Norway House Cree Nation and members, except where a claim is specifically excluded.
  • Deals with all the known and foreseeable adverse Effects of the project as of the date of the signing of the MIA: and
  • specifies the manner in which the MIA  may be approved by the Norway House Cree Nation members.

The MIA,  if Approved, will become a legally enforceable agreement and will implement the promises of the NFA in a way that will satisfy the majority of the Norway House Cree Nation Members.

Negotiation Costs

The costs of the MIA negotiations and community consultations, including payment of all consultants, lawyers, and Norway House Cree Nation participation costs, are being paid by Canada, Manitoba, and Hydro. These moneys do not come from any moneys already being received from the other Parties such as AFA moneys from Canada for education and social welfare.

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