Our Logo

The strength of the design of the logo is its portrayal of the multi-faceted reality of the Norway House Cree Nation.

The background of the land and forest runs horizontally to form a peace pipe with a bear at the tip reflecting an element of our people's unique kinship with nature.

Elements of the logo

The primary elements of the logo: Eagle; Sun; Geese; Forest; Water and Moose - symbolize all life and creation including the elements of fire, water and air. This is the unifying theme which demonstrates the strong ties our Cree Nation has with all the elements around us.

Within the sunset, the mast of the York Boat rises to form a cross, depicting the role of the church within the community.

Sunset at Church Point

The seven geese in the sky represent the Chief and six Councillors, while the soaring spirit of the Nation is reflected in the predominance of the eagle whose outstretched wings and tail feathers branch out from the stretched beaver skin - representative of trapping in our traditional way of life.

The York Boat represents our history and activities in trade and commerce including fishing.

The moose is emblematic of our traditional hunting life.

The logo is a sum of all our Cree Nation's parts and together embodies an all-inclusive spirit, reality and vision carried in the bodies, the eyes, the hearts, the minds and the language of our Cree Nation.